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(Rebirth Collection) UNICORN MEDIUM PALETTE (grace,heavenly,renaissance)

RM 170.00

  • 3 x FR Eyeshadows (Rebirth Collection)
    • Grace
    • Heavenly
    • Renaissance
  • 1 x Magnetic Palette (to choose from 4 designs):
    • Medium “Unicorn”
    • Medium “Stay Magical”
    • Mini “Magical Mermaid”
    • Mini “Yellow Unicorn”

Ferrarossa “Rebirth Collection”  Eyeshadows


A warm, sparkly silver that is the epitome of innocence, Grace represents the acceptance and acknowledgement that your  past mistakes now serve as a purpose instead of shame. Just a swipe of this soft and pure shimmery hue, similar to those of a butterfly’s wings will lift your spirits and keep you looking as elegant and graceful as a butterfly.


No matter what it is that you’re going through, never lose sight of heaven. True to the saying, heavenly represents just that – this scintillating golden amber shade reminds you to always face the heavens and is sure to pull you out of any dire situation. Made from real crushed Korean pearls, its luminous sheen will captivate any hearts of those who set their eyes on this opulent shade.


Renaissance is an incandescent coppery eyeshadow that signifies the rebirth and the reawakening of a new you. It’s the symbol of letting go of the past, embracing your flaws and coming back stronger than ever. Just like a Pheonix being reborn from the ashes, this glorious copper shade personifies bravery, valiance and perseverance in the form of an eyeshadow.

Ferrarossa Eyeshadows are:

  • Winner of the Anugerah Seri Jelita 2017 Award for “Best Single Eyeshadow”
  • Winner of the Her Beauty Awards 2018 for the “Best Powder  Eyeshadow”
  • Highly-pigmented and easy-to-blend
  • Adheres strongly to skin, even with minimal use
  • Long-lasting shades for over 14 hours
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Made in Korea and KKM approved

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